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Zero+旅宿:二人房x 2間(限住二人)、四人房x 1間(限住四人)。
*  For the third person, Peak Season in weekdays NT$500/ per,Special Holidays NT$1000/ per,Children below 110cm height with no additional bed will not be charged, and one child for each room. The second Child will be charged with NT300 per child for cleaning fee and so on. . 

* From 5/1 to 10/31 is peak season; from 11/01 to 4/30 is off season. 
Special holidays: Spring Scream, New Year and Lunar New Year and so on are consecutive holidays.

* Regular weekdays: Sundays to Fridays; Weekends: Saturdays.

*We offer free breakfast, tea, coffee,  cocoa chocolate drink...

*室內設施:客廳液晶電視、分離式空調、無線wifi 、廚房備有齊全烹飪器具及微波爐、烤箱、飲水機、冰箱等設施。
* Facilities: LCD TV, air conditioner, wireless wifi, kitchen equipped with all cooking utensils and microwave, oven, water dispenser, refrigerator.

* Room Facilities: LCD TV, comfortable mattress, air conditioner, slippers, hair dryer, cotton swabs.

* For environmental friendly, Zero+ provides shower gel, towels、shampoo; we don’t provide items such as: disposable toiletries.

*經電話預訂確認OK後,請於預訂後2日內匯定金,定金為50%,特殊節日期間需匯全額,付訂之後,請來電告知匯款帳號末5碼, 以利完成預訂作業,若於保留時間內未收到匯款定金則將取消預訂,並且不另行通知。
* Please complete the online deposit payment process within two days after confirming your reservation, the deposit is 50% room price; for special holidays, please pay the full rent. After payment, call us for confirmation by telling us the last five number of your account. If we didn’t receive your deposit or payment during the retention period, we will cancel your reservation without notice.

*若您使用線上預訂系統查詢,煩請先與Zero+電話或來信double check確認,再執行線上預訂作業 (因為避免電話預訂者,搶先線上預訂系統者一步,而管理者在還來不及到系統關閉之前,又被線上預訂系統預訂成功,而造成超賣的情況發生,只能向您說聲抱歉並做退款處理喔!!)

*Due to personal reasons, wish to change the date, number of people, or room, you must make the notice prior to 20 days before check-in (Change only once). Please note that we don’t refund any money due to any changes, if we get your notice in 20 days confirmation.

*After remittance, due to personal reasons or failure to stay on schedule, please inform us 14 days in advance; if you wish defer your occupancy, you have a year extension, refund will not be accepted. If you wish cancel the reservation, the cancellation fee is NT$100. If you fail to inform us 14 days in advance, governed by the standard contract specified Booking terms.

*If the arrival day issued a typhoon warning on land (Onshore warning area should include Pingtung County) and announced no work or school in Pingtung County, we will refund the deposit in full (according to the Central Weather Bureau promulgated status as a criterion).

*For the quality of accommodation, please check in with the required number of people. Other visitors without agreement are prohibited. If they need a tour, please inform us. Do not trespass the house or room. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

*若您需要預訂或想進一步洽詢任何問題,請與Zero+聯繫,電話:0978-177-786,LINE ID / WeChat ID : zeroplus86homestay

* If you want to make any booking or have any further questions, please contact us.
Telephone: 0978-177-786, LINE ID / WeChat ID: zeroplus86homestay

* Open: 9:00am – 23:00pm


銀行 彰化銀行(009) 恆春分行
帳號 8348-51-1181-2700
戶名 張逸鏵  

* Remittance Information:
Account Number: 8348-51-1181-2700
Bank Branch Code: 009
After remittance, you must call or email us in order to complete your reservation.

歡迎海外旅客使用VISA、Master card、銀聯卡財付通PayPal以及各大信用卡預訂,付款前請先與我們聯絡囉,謝謝。

We also accept credit cards, Alipay, UnionPay, Tenpay, and PayPal-friendly. Please inform us the ways you wish pay your payment.


Zero+旅宿 房價說明:

定價 (NT$) 

Off Season/ Holidays

Peak Season in weekdays

Peak Season in holidays

Special Holidays

整棟獨享- 8
Detached garden villa 8 people





整棟獨享- 6
Detached garden villa 6 people





* 旺季:5/0110/31
* 淡季:11/014/30
* 特殊假日:春吶、跨年及農曆春節 等連續假期。

*價格僅供參考,實際價格請以業者規定為主。*The price shown above is for reference only, please contact us for more details.

 *相關優惠方案歡迎來電洽詢!!* For discount or sale information, please contact us.

Logo  Zero+旅宿 www.zeroplusinn.com

 TEL電話+886 978 177 786

  Booking E-mail郵件zeroplus86@gmail.com

                                      LINE ID / WeChat ID : zeroplus86homestay





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